McShippers Power

A digital platform for all your logistics and shipping management system. Transportation service providers: From individuals to large motor carrier companies.

There are two types of carriers on the McShippers Power platform :

Independent Carriers

Individuals with valid driver’s licenses and insurance can start their own delivery business with McShippers Power using their vehicles, whether it is a car, an SUV, a pickup truck, or a trailer.

The carrier will view all packages that are compatible with your registered vehicle based on the desired pickup & delivery points that work with their schedule. Carriers provide their quote, and maintain control over the delivery process, from pickup to delivery, ensuring that shipments are delivered on time and in good condition and get paid fast.

Motor Carrier Services

A motor carrier is a company that operates commercial vehicles to transport goods and/or passengers. Motor carriers are subject to regulations and safety standards set by federal and state governments. This includes regulations on hours of service, vehicle maintenance, and insurance requirements, among others.

McShippers Power is a one-stop digital platform that allows motor carriers to quote or pre-price their desired lanes for direct connection with shippers providing real-time tracking with no freight broker involvement. This will help approved motor carriers to grow their business and run it like any other.

Join the McShippers Power platform today and offer your service to direct shippers with a fully automated process.

Here’s how it works for Carriers


Create your Carrier’s Profile

start your carrier’s profile by adding your company info including vehicle information and insurance verification. Download the McShippers Power App from the Google or Apple store. You will receive a notification when your account has been approved.


There are 2 ways of matching deliveries & shipments

Either by searching and quoting shipments that fit your vehicle based on the shipper’s needs. Or by utilizing our pre-pricing module to the desired routes for faster matching based on your availabilities.


Pick up and deliver the package/load

All required documentation for any delivery/ shipment must be signed electronically on the carrier’s application for the pickup. This initiates the GPS for tracking. When the package/load is delivered the receiver will electronically sign and confirm delivery in your app and you submit the delivery for direct payment.


Secured Payment System

McShippers Power eliminates the time-consuming paperwork exchange. Also, saving time by using the auto calculation of the pre-set accessorial charges such as detention and layover time, etc. Motor carriers will get paid in 7 business days of approved deliveries avoiding using factoring companies.