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A digital platform for all your logistics and shipping management system. Transportation service providers: From individuals to large motor carrier companies.

McShippers has created a new market for all shippers and all available certified carriers.

McShippers’ primary goal is to impact the shipping and delivery industry, making it more efficient and convenient for both shippers and carriers. Some of the key features of using technology in shipping and deliveries include:

.Automation of processes: McShippers has enabled many aspects of the shipping and delivery process to be automated, such as allocating the required vehicle that matches your shipment in moments providing multiple competitive rates, scheduling deliveries, and generating shipping labels and bills of ladings. This leads to increased accuracy and efficiency in handling orders and packages.

. Real-time tracking: Through our technology, shippers have clear visibility and transparency throughout the delivery process, giving customers and businesses up-to-date information on the location of their packages and shipments.

.Securing required vehicles and payments: McShippers have made it easy for shippers to create shipments on the platform and securely handle the payment transaction. This has increased the convenience for shippers as well as sped up the process of all paperwork exchange and accounting work.

.The use of technology in shipping and deliveries also enables businesses to gather, analyze and use data to make better decisions in a very short period with the maximum options.

. By eliminating the need for freight brokers, carriers and shippers can negotiate and agree on terms directly, without the need for intermediaries. This can result in lower costs for both parties and increased flexibility in terms of shipment options and delivery schedules.

.Carriers can optimize their delivery route, improve delivery times, reduce costs, and better understand their customer’s needs and preferences. All in all, the use of technology in shipping and deliveries has greatly improved the overall experience for both shippers and carriers, making it faster, more efficient, and more convenient.

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